Age-Related Hair Loss

One of the worst things that can remind you of your age is a thinning and receding hairline. Sometimes it happens to people late in their lives, but there are instances when people experience hair loss as early as their 20s. 

Fortunately, there is no need to worry anymore because the Fountain Mighty Roots blend can naturally help with hair growth using only the best natural, clean and ethically-sourced Jamaican ingredients with no harmful chemicals. In addition, to restoring your crowning glory, you will also rebuild your confidence and self-esteem.

Some of the reasons for experiencing hair loss at any age include stress, the chemicals or products you put on your hair, product build-up, hormonal imbalances, the menopause, several illnesses, or just general neglect. In many cases, hair loss is hereditary and the hair follicles are dead, in that case there are several cosmetic procedures on the market! 

Sometimes it seems unfair that some people are gifted with a healthy head of hair, but trust us they have to work at it! If you look after your scalp, keep it clean, nourished and moisturized, then it cannot help but sprout healthy hair from strong follicles, which in turn will produce mighty roots.

Regular use of our Fountain Mighty Roots will enable you to reverse your hair loss, thicken and strengthen thinning hair, renew missing temples (edges) is an effecive bald spot treatment, traction alopecia caused by tight braids, wearing hats, (traction alopecia) chemical processing, hormones, weaves, wigs and an unhealthy scalp.

Plus, Fountain Mighty Roots is a 100% natural organic herbal formula with clean and vegan-safe ingredients. It provides intensive nourishment for your scalp to bring out its natural oils and fatty acids that will enhance your natural hair growth cycle. 

Fountain Mighty Roots is made with a specially formulated blend of unrefined wheat germ, pimento oil, Jamaican black castor oil, and Moroccan argan oil. Each ingredient provides a significant role in stimulating the blood flow to actively awaken hair follicles, thicken the hair shaft and most importantly develop strong, mighty roots.

Safe for all 4C, damaged, dry, breaking, natural, processed, relaxed, dreadlocks, locs, thin, porous, coarse, curly, coily, straight, wavy, hair types and and children aged 3 plus.

Do not use if you are allergic to gluten, nuts or wheat