Fountain's Mission Statement

Fountain only manufactures organic, chemical, additive & preservative free health & beauty products from Jamaica.  

Advocating for natural pain-management tools and oils to nourish, grow and thicken all hair types 

Our ultimate goal is to support the indigenous farmers and the rapidly declining agricultural industry of Jamaica.  We strive to encourage local cottage industries and assist in the sustenance of poverty-stricken citizens

We, at Fountain are enriching lives, as well as helping to stimulate an otherwise third-world economy

Embracing the traditional herbal remedies as still practiced in the Caribbean that are free from adverse medical side effects, using methods that have been passed down from their ancestors - completely organic 

Rural Jamaicans do not use fertilizers on their farms - no chemicals or preservatives, just real Jamaican sunshine

Fountain products, nurtured in Jamaica and bottled in Brooklyn use only the finest organic leaves, berries & barks

Fermented over time in extra virgin olive oil and castor oil processed the Jamaican way! We don't even discard the botanicals, they too are bottled

Our packaging is not harmful to the environment and we endorse green living

Enjoy a Fountain product today and help us to continue to support more micro-enterprises in Jamaica


Sandra Gustard
Ceo and Founder