Fountain Pimento Oil was borne out of a visit to Bath Fountain, Jamaica. A renowned tourist attraction, the hot mineral water spewing from the mountains reportedly possesses therapeutic and miracle healing properties.

However, the "miracle" for me was not during the bath, but after the deep tissue massage I received with the Pimento Oil.  The oil absorbed its way through my wide open pores, tingling and pouring what felt like hot medicine straight into my nerve damaged shoulder, numb arm and bulging neck! The feeling was the relief I'd been seeking - instant anesthesia - immediately the tightness and soreness I'd arrived there with just disappeared. After months of physical therapy, bio-freeze, acupuncture, pills and cortisone shots, I felt relaxed, flexible and normal again!

Pimento Oil was first listed in the British Pharmacopoeias in 1898 as a pain medication, and has long been used traditionally in Jamaica as a herbal remedy in the treatment of toothache, flatulence, a sedative (tea) for hysteria and arthritis.  Pimentoes also form the basis of many of our present pharmacuetical products today. Since those days, further studies have been undertaken for the uses of Pimento Oil in Jamaican folklore practices and have been validated.

Only a handful of people in Jamaica these days still make Pimento Oil according to the methods practiced centuries ago, and Fountain Pimento Oil is made just that way.  Chemical and preservative free, Fountain Pimento Oil is 100% all natural. This vital blend of berries, leaves and oils are fermented naturally over time in the hot Jamaican sunshine to produce this luxurious massage and healing oil that will soothe away all your pains, particularly arthritis and rheumatism symptoms.

Relax tired, stiff and sore muscles, remove toxins and excess fluid from the joints, promote blood circulation.  Fountain Pimento Oil is also excellent for therapuetic or deep tissue massages! Add to a hot bath or jacuzzi to tone and stimulate the skin, for a relaxing and calming experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and your skin replenished!