Pimento Oil: An Alternative Medicine Cabinet in a Bottle
by Fabian Burrell

On a 2008 trip to Jamaica, London-born Lady English discovered the healing properties of the hot mineral springs and the Pimento Oil. After applying the oil to her body (she had a pinched nerve and herniated disc) the pain went away and she came back to New York with the idea to blend and bottle “Fountain Pimento Oil” as a pain management for sufferers of arthritis, joint pains, herniated discs, sunburns, dry skin, swollen limbs and numerous other painful disorders.

“Fountain Pimento Oil is an excellent, all around product,” said Lady English, the formula’s creator and lead crusader. She not only considers it a miracle, but “a complete medicine cabinet in a bottle.” I think every one should have a bottle in their home, just as you would a bottle of rubbing alcohol. That's how much kudos I give to this powerful elixir that originated in Bath Fountain, a little known mineral spring in rural Jamaica (parents’ birthplace) that thousands of people flock to annually to “bathe” in the hot minerals that reportedly cures and relieves different afflictions. The oil can be used for a massage after the bath, and many patrons report a complete cure of their particular ailment. Of course, opinions differ as to whether it was the bath or the oil that is the miracle, but in mine and several thousand other users who have endorsed the product, the oil has made a difference to our pain management.”

Her goal is to raise awareness of the organic, chemical and preservative-free natural pain reliever, natural diuretic, skin moisturizer, hair growth & thickener. “We need to reduce our dependence on prescription or over-the-counter medications, as everything we need for survival, healing and healthy living has already been provided for us in nature,” she opined.

Running her own business presents its challenges, “but I love it when a customer calls, emails or texts about how they forgot they even had a pain after using “Fountain Pimento Oil!” The funniest – a lady told me she refuses to use the pimento oil before going to see her doctor, as it completely reduces the swelling of her foot, and she needs it swollen because of her personal injury claim.”

Lady English - as she is known to her customers - is full of advice to those examining entrepreneurship in these bleak economic times. “Everything is a learning experience! You have to fall down sometimes, otherwise you won't get the chance to learn the lessons that mistakes expose – “tribulation worketh patience!”

“Don't hold back! Be like Nike – just do it! All of us have a dream, a desire, but never pursue it because of fear, perceived lack of resources or because they discussed their plans with someone who “shut down” their idea with just one negative comment,” said the affable mother of four girls. “Robyn's 17, Marla's 10, Malyka's 9 and Mya is 6,” she proudly crooned.

She encourages the Caribbean community to bring their creativity and talent to the forefront, and do the necessary legwork to bring their wares to their community and beyond. “We do need to collaborate more and learn to build our own empires, instead of just enriching others. There is a “crab in a barrell” mentality that exists in our community that needs to change," she laughs.

Being a mom, the quest for financial freedom and hating the constraints of being an employee clearly defined her path to being her own boss. Even though she feels her time is not amply compensated, as it is priceless, she draws her inspiration from God through Jesus.

Her customers drive her ambition and without complaining, she survives like everyone else from doing. She hosts a radio show one night per week and enjoys promoting and bringing good products, clothes and music to the masses. “All you need is to be able to uplift people regardless of how you're feeling! Music changes everything,” she offers.

Her advice to young people coming out of college with very few job prospects, “Follow your heart! Money will come, but you have to be sincere and passionate about what you are doing. Don't settle for anything just for the money, follow your dreams.”

“There are lots of successful entrepreneurs out there who didn't even finish high school. But, guess what? If you cannot articulate or communicate your message properly, then you do lose, so education is key!”

Opportunities still abound in the sales industry and she feels that once you believe in the product you will be able to convince someone else to believe in it too.

Her take on the Health Care debates; “Health care belongs to the individual. If you believe that you are sick, you will be sick, if you believe you are well, you will be well. Yeah, we have to visit the doctor, but we don't have to believe them.”

It is clear her English accent and unique perspectives set her apart. She believes that her clientele is anyone who wants to stand out and try something different. “I have to say, that I am a leader not a follower.”

Her marker for success is; client referrals, customer satisfaction and ultimately achieving the goal of being featured on Oprah’s new network.

Jamaica's best kept secret is her “medicine cabinet in a bottle” - Fountain Pimento Oil which includes a blend of pimento, winter grass, cinnamon, nutmeg, eucalyptus leaf, peppermint, olive oil and Jamaica Black Castor Oil, to name a few ingredients.

Understanding the importance of social media networking and how it can propel her business into the stratosphere has set her on a search for a summer intern to increase her social media presence online. “It is so time-consuming and I still believe that I should get out there and meet the people.”

She promises that she will continue to source the finest and most beneficial products for her clients and she wants them to know she only does it for them.

Website: www.fountainoil.com Facebook/Fountain Pimento Oil or Twitter/fountainoil
To purchase Fountain Pimento Oil, click on website or call (866) 223-2414, local grocery stores, Sams Caribbean Market (516)858-0054, Keeling Records (718) 778-9470, VP Records (718) 297-5802, Moodies Records (718) 654-8368

Fabian Burrell can be reached at azizapr@gmail.com