Fountain Real Black Black Jamaican Castor Oil 4 Oz 3-Pack

Brand: Fountain
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FOUNTAIN REAL BLACK BLACK JAMAICAN CASTOR OIL 4oz (3-PACK SPECIAL) is the original Jamaican Black Castor Oil processed the old fashioned way, with the original burnt smell!  You are just literally days away from thicker, stronger & longer hair - fill bald patches, add body to thin, lifeless and brittle hair!

Use as a hot oil treatment to seal split ends, add to your favorite conditioner for a superior, extra moisturising deep conditioner treatment. Saturate a bandage with Fountain real black black castor oil and apply to your tummy to relieve a cramp or aching stomach or wrap around a painful muscle or joint for rapid, soothing relief!

 For ALL hair types, you can also renew sparse eyelashes & eyebrows, remove unsightly moles, warts and much more with this timeless multi-purpose healing oil!

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