Fountain 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil 5 Fl. Oz

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Brand: Fountain
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Fountain 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil 5 Fl Oz - Liquid Gold for Your Hair, Skin and Nails!

Fountain 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil is a cold-pressed topical superfood that is truly liquid gold for your hair, skin and nails! Mother nature's age defying serum will define, refine and lift droopy, dry, sensitive or sagging skin compromised by hormonal imbalances, damaging make-up, chemically laden beauty products, the weather, (especially sun damage) and environmental toxins or pollutants.

The perfect addition to your daily skin care and anti-aging regimen our Moroccan argan oil is so pure, it literally melts and disappears into your skin, leaving no greasy or shiny residue! Within days your face will look a little fuller and hydrated as the oil gets to work smoothing those fine lines and visibly reducing wrinkles for a flawless stunning, youthful glow! 

A rich cocktail of Vitamins A, C and E, linoleic acid, and essential omega-6 fatty acids is the natural DNA of pure argan oil, all of which helps to neutralize damage to the hair caused by chemical processing, heat damage or general neglect.  Fountain's 100% pure, imported Moroccan argan oil will improve circulation to your scalp, awaken hair follicles, whilst preventing breakage, split ends, tame frizziness and stimulate new, healthy hair growth.

Again, this oil will moisturize, soften and help to increase your natural hairs elasticity and will restore a vibrant shine to dull, lifeless, brittle or dry hair. Top hairstylists laud pure Moroccan argan oil as the perfect essential ingredient to nourish the hair strands, leaving it supple and more manageable! In addition, it is the perfect protective oil for braided, weaved or dreadlocked hairstyles and is the best heat protectant oil as it provides slip for heat styling!

Fountain 100% pure Moroccan Argan Oil is also the perfect manicure oil that should be massaged regularly into your nail beds and cuticles to promote strong, healthy nail growth.

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My scalp is grateful
Written by Genie Sweetness on 20th Jun 2023

I originally receiving this oil as a gift. 2 years later I'm still buying refills! I use it on my scalp, arms, legs and feet. I don't get that greasy feeling and it doesn't feel heavy on my skin. I love the glow I see when I wear it.

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