Fountain Manbrew - Beard Growth Oil For Men - Bald Spot Treatment - Mustache Grooming - Leave-In Conditioner - Beard Softener - Patchy Beard Care -Jamaican Black Castor Oil - Essential Oils - 5 Fl Oz

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Fountain Manbrew - Beard Growth Oil For Men - Bald Spot Treatment - Mustache Grooming - Leave-In Conditioner - Beardruff - Jamaican Black Castor Oil - 5 Fl Oz

  • FOUNTAIN MANBREW is an elite beard conditioner for men, that will fix those annoying beard care, hair growth or mustache grooming issues.
  • A phenomenal beard oil for men growth, FOUNTAIN MANBREW is a non-greasy beard oil growth formula that includes, Jamaican black castor oil and the essential oils of Indian amla and sandalwood. Purposefully blended to reduce the occurrence of shave bumps caused by ingrown hairs, sensitive skin issues, eliminate dandruff (beardruff), and strengthen hair follices for strong, mighty roots
  • Gift FOUNTAIN MANBREW to yourself, or a loved one as this is a great beard oil for black men to texturize and ALL men whether your hair is short, curly, straight, coarse, thinning or balding from all ethnicities and hair types.
  • Our effective hair growth treatment, thickener and moisturizer will hydrate and nourish your dry, itchy, flaky chin or scalp for noticeably smoother skin and hair within minutes. Just massage a little in to your clean, damp beard, brush and go 
  • FOUNTAIN MANBREW has been proven to stimulate circulation, which we know from experience is the leading cause of slow or non-existent hair growth, and you will notice a difference immediately.


    • An elite beard growth oil for men, bald spot treatment and leave-in conditioner with layers of moisturizing benefits for noticeably softer hair within minutes.
    • Soothes and eliminates further occurrence of hair, shave bumps or ingrown hairs. Prevents dandruff (beardruff)dry, itchy or flaky skin and fills patchy beards and bald spots
    • Matured and brewed over time, this simple blend combines the wisdom of the ages without harmful additives, chemicals or preservatives
    • The sandalwood and Indian amla oil will tighten and tone saggy skin around the chin and jaw line, with a pleasant scent
    • The ultimate beard care oil for black, white or asian men and all hair types that will soften coarse hair, as well as texturize and loosen wiry, coily hair

Ingredients: Jamaican black castor oil (rincus communis), Amla oil (emblica officinalis), sandalwood (santalum album)

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