Fountain Clean Skin Coffee Scrub & Exfoliating Gloves

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Brand: Fountain
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Fountain Clean Skin Body Scrub

Give your skin the glow that will turn heads with our carefully selected blend of arabica coffee beans, essential oils, and the moisturizing power that only honey, coconut and aloe vera can provide

Coffee is the ultimate dry skin fighting ingredient that will gently rub away dead skin cells and naturally stimulates, exfoliates leaving your skin supple, hydrated and super clean 

Our specially formulated blend is also intended to:-

  • Tighten saggy skin and reduce stretch marks
  • Fade dark marks and evens skin tone
  • Eliminate the appearance of cellulite and lumps under the skin by massaging or brushing
  • Soften, smooth the skin and gets rid of bumps or unsightly pimples on the skin
  • Perfect for use before waxing the armpits, bikini area or legs and relieves the discomfort of ingrown hairs

Use 2-3 times weekly for a home spa pampering experience that will change your skin care routine forever


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