Fountain Mighty Roots & 8-Arm Detangling Brush Combo

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Fountain Mighty Roots & 8-Arm Detangling Brush Combo for Coily Curly Kinky Normal Wavy Wet Thick or 4C Hair

Bundle your Fountain Mighty Roots hair growth oil with our unique detangling hair brush that will give your scalp the circulation boost it needs to nourish and stimulate your hair follicles.

A receding or thinning hairline is a depressing and unwelcome fact of life for millions of people around the world due to hairstyle abuse chemical processing or general neglect. If you are ready to regrow your hair build your confidence and self-esteem then Fountain Mighty Roots will definitely do the job. 

Fountain Mighty Roots is a revolutionary conditioning and nourishing hair growth oil that will rapidly restore, renew, and grow back that frustrating receding hairline or edges and thicken your thin hair

Fountain Mighty Roots 4 oz is an organic deep nourishing root and scalp oil rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential omega fatty acids formulated with all-natural organic ingredients nurtured in Jamaica and bottled in Brooklyn.

Reverse hair loss to the temples, bald or thinning spots caused by tight braids, wigs, weave, caps, chemical processing, hormone or age-related issues. Specially formulated with wheat germ to stimulate blood flow and awaken inactive, but live hair follicles.

  • Strong root stimulation rapid hair and edge growth oil with a spillage free applicator bottle
  • Reverse hair loss to edges, receding hairlines, bald or thinning spots caused by tight braids chemical processing or hormone related issues
  • Specially formulated with wheatgerm to stimulate circulation and awaken inactive but live hair follicles. Jamaican black castor oil organically cultivated and processed without salt or additives
  • Revolutionary professional hair brush that features a unique kinematic structure with 8 free moving arms that glides through your hair without the usual tugging and tension pulling that ends in hair breakage or damaged hair strands
  • Pamper your hair and scalp with this effective brush that actually massages your scalp and stimulates hair growth whilst conditioning and strengthening your hair, leaving it healthy, shiny and full of body 

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