Why is Fountain Mighty Roots Great For Your Hair

Why is Fountain Mighty Roots Great For Your Hair   

Wheat germ is the best source of Vitamin E ever known to humans

Vitamin E as we know has many health benefits – it boosts your immune system, protecting against certain cancers, is a powerful anti-oxidant, and also slows down the ageing process

Vitamin E Grows Hair Rapidly

Because it causes capillary growth, vitamin E can help hair to grow. The increased circulation speeds the growth of hair in many people. The additional nutrition can prevent split ends, help heal hair damaged by excessive use of a hair dryer, and cure dry hair as well

Vibrant, healthy hair can be obtained by adding Vitamin E to your diet, as we told you earlier Wheat germ oil is the best source of Vitamin E ever known to humans! If your body remains deprived of Vitamin E, your hair will become very rough, dry and will start to break very easily

If you need help to restore or thicken those thinning temples, now more commonly referred to as Edges, then you should try Fountain Mighty Roots, an organic fast hair growth serum featuring authentic Jamaican Pimento and Black Castor Oil

It is no secret that Jamaican Pimento, in conjunction with another Jamaican phenomenon - Black Castor Oil, has been found to stimulate unusually rapid hair growth, particularly in those areas where hair growth has been slow or non-existent

These natural ingredients are all now essential for successful healthy, hair growth, moisturizing or transitioning/natural hair care regimens, and are now globally sought after natural resources for every hair type

Thin hair, temples or edges, dry, damaged or shedding hair will begin to reappear within days after using Fountain Mighty Roots

This organic deep nourishing oil rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids precipitates strong, healthy hair follicles due to the increase of blood flow to the crown and vital nutrients

The triple force action of Jamaican black castor oil, wheat germ and pimento oil is exactly what your dome needs to get to the root of your problem

The addition of the robust, moisture rich pure 100% Moroccan argan Oil completes this superb blend formulated just to bring back those missing roots

Toxins, bacteria, flaky and itchy scalp conditions are also eliminated naturally to make way for healthy, revitalized hair growth! Replace those missing edges with length, volume and strong, mighty roots

Just shake well, thoroughly massage into your dry, damaged, stressed and missing edges or receding hair line maximum 4 times per week, and cover with your silk head scarf or satin bonnet for a massive transformation and a renewed hairline

For strong, mighty roots, look no further than Fountain Mighty Roots– you owe it to your roots

Fountain's castor oil beans are grown and processed in Jamaica by Jamaicans! We understand that many brands originate from China, Haiti and India, but are being marketed as "Jamaican" so please be aware