Why are Fountain Products Expensive?

Why are Fountain Products Expensive?

Why are Fountain products expensive

This is a question I have been asked many, many times over the past few years so let's just address this right now:-

  • For those of you have had the pleasure of using any of our products, the first thing you would have noticed is the clear glass or plastic bottles.The second thing you would have noticed is the leaves, berries and/or seeds fermenting in the oil! In fact, the whole presentation of any Fountain product is absolutely stunning!
  • What you may or may not realize is that each bottle is custom made, filled by hand and jugs!!! There is no industrialization or automation in our manufacturing at all, no automatic fillers, machinery, no nothing! The castor oil is made in Jamaica the old fashioned way (crushed beans, boiled and skimmed), the leaves are inserted into the bottles by hand – even the labeling is done by hand
  • Now you might be thinking, “so what”, and off course no one will argue with you, however, many of us who have discerning tastes and prefer excellence over mediocrity. We are willing to pay a little extra for an item where we can actually see the love, care and genuity that has gone into producing it, particularly where it concerns our health
  • Organic in our case means just that, and that is exactly what you are paying for! Off course there is nothing wrong with mass production, but in order to maintain purity, quality control, authenticity, consistency and our range elite, Fountain prefers to keep our operation small

Fountain is not in a competition to make lots of money or saturate the market – we are also not bandwagonists, not importing our precious black castor oil from China, India or Haiti  as so many of our competitors do. We are simply here to present “Jamaica’s gifts to the world” in a manner that respects the treasure of traditional herbal preparations that our ancestors left us. We are confident that we will stand the test of time, one custom made bottle at a time!

In gratitude and one love

Fountain - Jamaica's gifts to the world