In Jamaica, both ripe and unripe pimento berries have historically been used in healing, and traditional bush medicine! This powerful, herbal liquid remedy has been used for centuries as a “folk medicine" used to 'noint away various types of pain, the leaves drunk as a tea to cure digestive issues, nausea, cramps, toothaches, amongst other ailments and used as a food preservative long before refrigeration!

Pimento in one form or another has always been the homemade remedy of choice in Jamaican households both home and abroad. Usually a small flask of unripe pimento berries & ginger fermented in Jamaican white rum is always kept close to "rub down" a sickly child or adult who needs to sweat out a fever, or relieve a stomach ache, both internally or internally!   Cooking with pimento is very common in Jamaica - and no authentic Jamaican meal is complete without pimento.  Especially the now globally recognized "Jerk seasoning" used to marinade chicken, pork or fish! 

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