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Fountain Pimento Oil Pimento (Pimenta dioica) also referred to as allspice is a renowned natural analgesic, and has been a traditional Jamaican organic herbal medication for aches & pains for centuries

Universally recognized in the alternative medicine community as a powerful anesthetic, analgesic, antioxidant, antiseptic, carminative, relaxant, rubefacient, stimulant, medicinal tonic and insect repellent

Unprocessed, handmade product that retains authenticity, freshness & quality control

A complete medicine cabinet in a bottle that naturally numbs pain, reduces swelling and eliminates fluid retention

Hand picked Jamaican pimento berries, leaves and castor oil beans cultivated in Jamaica & bottled in Brooklyn

Simply immerse the bottle in a cup of warm water and rub the pain away OR add 2 cap fuls to your bath tub for deeper absorption

Ingredients include original Jamaican black castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, pimento (allspice), lemongrass and nutmeg.

Should not be used by pregnant women, children under age 6 and is for external use only

Typically used to treat the symptoms associated with rheumatism, arthritis, poor circulation, nerve damage (carpal tunnel syndrome, pinched nerves or herniated discs), fluid retention and flatulence. For sports enthusiasts, use it to massage away sore and sprained muscle aches.

Relieves menstrual cramps, back pain - in fact any minor ache or pain with be "numbed" almost immediately with just one application of this "complete medicine cabinet in a bottle"!

Fountain Pimento Oil is a staple in a community that embraces holistic and not prescribed medications. There are no harmful side effects associated with our products, however since these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA, we recommend seeking the advice of a medical professional before using on young children or pregnant women.


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